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DEBII Candidacy Presentation by Mr. Bambang Harjito

Digital Ecosystem and Business intelligence (DEBII)Institute

PhD candidacy
An Watermarking Enabled Secure Communication in
Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks Security

Supervisor: Dr. Song Han
Co-supervisor: Dr. Vidyasagar Potdar, Dr. Chen Wu
Chairperson: Dr. Maja Hadzic

Venue and Time

Date: Friday 19th March 2010
Time: 11am
Location: DEBII Board Room Enterprise Unit 4, De Laeter Way, Techpark

RSVP: by Wednesday 17th March 2010 (essential for catering purpose)



Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs) are gaining research interest due to the availability of low-cost cameras and CMOS image sensors, also due to their broad application opportunities. WMSNs have some novel features which stem from the fact that some of the sensor nodes will have video cameras and higher computation capabilities. Consequently, WMSNs bring new security challenges as well as new opportunities. Thereby, the security mechanisms to protect WMSNs will become increasingly important. Security and cryptography are important for WMSN, however given the fact that WMSN nodes have very low resources, so these energy intensive cryptographic protocols are not suitable. Development of lightweight and energy efficient security protocols is a big challenge. Hence in this research we aim to develop digital watermarking techniques as an alternative security approach to ensure secure communication. We intend to use digital watermarking techniques into WMSNs in conjunction with non-linear programming, where the additional constraints are used to embed watermarks. The final goal is to provide a secure communication framework for WMSNs by using digital watermarking.


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