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Welcome to Professor Achim P. Karduck from Germany

We warmly welcome DEBII Adjunct Professor Achim P. Karduck From Furtwangen University Germany to DEBI Institute. He will spend approximate 6 weeks with DEBII staff and students starting 9 Feb 2011.

Biography: Achim P. Karduck is a Professor for Telematics at Furtwangen University, Germany. His research activities are in the area of Software Architectures and Telematics, Collaborative Systems, and Digital Ecosystems. Often, the research is being done in conjunction with industrial partners and international research centers (such as Daimler Research, SAP Research, Fraunhofer Institute). He has lectured and researched internationally at Tongji-University Shanghai (China), Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil), and the Grand Ecole EMAC (Albi, France). He has been appointed as Adjunct Professor at Curtin University of Technology, DEBII, in 2009.

Achim P. Karduck has chaired and co-chaired e.g. severeal “CollECTeR Europe” (Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technologies and Research) conferences, tracks at IEEE DEST (Int. Conf. on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies), IEEE ICEBE BIMA Workshops (Int. Conf. on e-Business Engineering; Business Intelligence Methodologies and Applications), PACIS on Collaborative Business, and holds editorial board memberships, e.g. JTAER (Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research).

He was General Co-Chair for IEEE DEST 2010 in Dubai and has been Special Session Chair for DEST 2009 in Istanbul. At DEBII, his research focuses on the intersection between Collaborative Systems and Sustainability Support for Digital Ecosystems, e.g. for e-Energy, Online (Business) Communities and Logistics.

Achim P. Karduck holds a Diplom degree in Computer Science (comparable to B.Sc. Hons.) from Furtwangen University (Germany), a Master of Science degree in Man-Computer Systems from DeMontfort University (UK), and a Ph.D. in Telematics/Economics from Freiburg University (Germany).

Before his University career, he headed the Innovation Department for New IS of Swiss Bank Corporation in Basel, Switzerland. Subsequently, he was appointed head of UBS Private Banking New Technologies US in New York, USA.


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