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Welcome to Professor Robert Meersmans visiting DEBII from Belgium

DEBII distinguished adjunct Professor Robert Meersmans visited DEBII from 5 December 2010 until 22 January 2011, and during his time was able to successfully deliver workshops, seminars, guided many of the PhD students' thesis as well as giving advice to DEBII director and DEBII senior management.


Ph.D in Applied Mathematics at the Free University Of Brussels (VUB) in 1976.    

Appointed as Full Professor at VUB in 1995. Founded the Semantics Technology and Applications Research Laboratory (STARLab) there. Director of STARLab since.
Earlier positions include the University of Antwerp (UIA, 1975-78), Control Data Corp. (Data Management Lab, Brussels, Belgium, 1978-83). Worked there on the definition of the NIAM (now ORM) method as well as languages (RIDL) and first tools for this methodology. Founded the InfoLabs at University of Limburg (Belgium, 1983-86) and at University of Tilburg (The Netherlands, 1986-95) respectively where he held the Chair of Databases.
Current research is focused on ontologies and their relationship to databases and the semantic web, enterprise interoperability, and on design methodologies and tools specifically crafted for community-driven development of ontologies, concentrated in the DOGMA Project at VUB STARLab. Participated/es in numerous EU projects (FP4-FP7) involving applications of these subjects, and in STARLab's spinoff company Collibra (2008).
Member and Past Chairman (1983-1992) of the IFIP WG2.6 on Database. Past Chairman of the IFIP TC 12 (Artificial Intelligence, 1987-92), and of TC 2 (Software Theory and Practice, 2004-08). Cuurent WG Chair of the new IFIP WG12.7 on Social Semantics (2010). Co-Founder of the International conference series on Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS, since 1994, now part of OnTheMove Federated Conferences). President of the non-profit Distributed Objects Applications Institute (DOAI, since 2000) that hosts OnTheMove. Invited and keynote speaker at many international conferences and events.

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